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The F-12A is a development of the Falconar F-11 Sporty, which is, in turn, a variant of the Jodel D-11. Falconar indicates that it incorporates a larger cockpit, simplified fittings, shoulder harnesses and aerodynamic improvements to improve stall characteristics.

The F-12 plans have step by step manuals, full size layouts for ribs, bulkheads and small parts. Built of wood and plywood for ease of construction, no expensive or unique tools are required. The are a minimum of metal fittings - under 32 fittings assemblies. Equipped with maintenance free Delrin bearings and stainless steel hardware for control surfaces, the wing and tail easily removable.

A more powerful engine of up to 200 hp can be fitted, but the main distinguishing feature is its rather chopped-looking sloping tailplane and rudder. The F-12A "CRUISER" is slightly larger than the F-11A for more comfort and third seat option. For Lycoming and similar engines 125 to 200 hp.

Options include flaps, vertical coil spring main landing gear, tri gear, auxiliary tanks, 3 piece folding wing, and floats.


Seats: 2-3.
Height: 6.3 ft.
Length: 22.5 ft.
Wing span: 28 ft.
Wing area: 140 sq.ft.
Weight empty: 898 lbs.
Gross: 1800 lbs.
Engine: Lycoming O-320, 150 hp.
HP range: 100-180.
Fuel cap: 22 USG.
Landing gear: nose or tailwheel.

Aircraft Performance

Vne: 185 mph.
Cruise: 160 mph.
Range: 560 sm.
Stall: 41 mph.
ROC: 1100 fpm.
Take-off dist: 300 ft.
Landing dist: 500 ft.
Service ceiling: 17,000 ft.

Falconar F-12A

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