• Supplemental - Floats Construction and Installation

Falconar F30 Floats

Although originally designed for the AMF-S14, the F30 float design is adaptable to any amateur-built aircraft whose gross weight lies between 1000 - 1500 lbs. These floats have been installed on numerous AMF-S14, F11, and the Christavia.

F30 floats are very clean aerodynamically. The all wood construction is of spruce and plywood. Exterior surfaces are well sanded with coarse garnet paper prior to being coated with fiberglass and HIPEC Top Coat. All structure inside is thoroughly coated with HIPEC Clear, which is impervious to moisture, gasoline and micro-organisms.

Properly built and finished, F30 floats should withstand the severest abuse with a minimum of maintenance, even in seawater! Small breaks in the floats due to rocks can easily be repaired with fiberglass cloth and HIPEC.

Additionally, the bottom third volume of the F30 float can be filled with closed cell plastic foam.

  • Dwg 105.31 - Floats installation
  • Dwg. 105.32 - Floats components
  • Dwg. 105.33 - Floats fittings
  • Dwg. 105.34 - Float Struts and attachments
  • 6 page Manual
  • Variations for aircraft of 1000 - 1800 lbs. gross weight.

Supplemental - Floats Construction and Installation

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