About Us

Manna Aviation markets the Falconar Avia range of aircraft plans, world wide and Falconar Avia has been a distinguished provider of plans, for the amateur aircraft builder. By combining over 60 years of aviation experience with construction, maintenance and engineering Falconar Avia was an excellent choice for your next project. Manna Aviation provides these high quality aircraft plans for the Homebuilt and Recreational Aircraft Amateur builders.

Manna Aviation will help you:

  • find the right aircraft;
  • save time and money;
  • improve your understanding of aviation;
  • with any technical problems they may encounter.

Manna Aviation started selling the Italian manufactured avionics during 2019 while building a Osprey GP4 aircraft. We are passionate about the products offered in the Flybox Range and the industry is starting to see these instruments in aircraft imported from Europe. If you are a home builder of aircraft of any type, then you should take a look at the instruments available Manna Aviation.  Your source for the Avionics in your new aircraft.

Our Mission

Manna Aviation prides itself on the quality of our people. Manna Aviation is committed to customer satisfaction and this commitment is evident in the quality of the services we provide.

As an aviation enthusiast, I am disappointed at the number of homebuilt aircraft designs, that just disappear and are no-longer available. So, at Manna Aviation, we like to think, we can preserve the aviation heritage that designs like those of Chris Falconar, Roger Druine and other designers provided that started the home built industry, like the Taylor Monoplane, Chilton, Jodel D-9, Corby Starlet, etc.