Oblò is the a compact and lightweight instrument, easy to install it fits in a standard 3 1/8" (80mm) cutout with a round display that integrates:
- Digital attitude indicator
- Altimeter with QNH
- Anemometer
- Gyro Compass featuring magnetic heading and GPS tracking
- Vertical speed indicator
- Turn Rate Indicator
- Gmeter
- HSI & Gyrodirectional  
- Measure and units are configurable.

Unlike other products similar in size, the Oblò does not display the speed and altitude taken from a GPS system, but calculates them by itself. Gps signal can be taken from the Flybox optional antenna (cod. 810010) or any of the Gps device with NMEA output available on the market. The airspeed and altitude indications, based on pressure sensors, do not suffer the typical delays and errors of GPS-based indications.

Oblò displays true aircraft attitude thanks to the integrated AHRS inertial platform, equipped with solid-state micromachined sensors (gyros, accelerometers and magnetometers) and an adaptive algorithm.
Using a state of art custom TFT LCD, the display visibility results to be at the best standards also in direct sunlight with an adjustable brightness.
The calibration performed for each instrument guarantees for the altimeter a maximum error of 0.5 millibar (4.6meters) in a temperature range of -20 ~ +70°C and an altitude range of -1000 ~ +25,000 feet and for the airspeed a maximum error of 3 km/h at low speed (below 30km/h), which decreases as the speed increases.

Oblò provides the following three screens that is possible to select with a fast turn or the knob.

Altitude Indicator

Main screens - Attitude indicator
Easily readable menu cells, with auto-zoom on the selected item allowing access to the desired informations in a easy and intuitive way and parameters settings. This picture shows the reading of the G-meter peak memory.

HSI Display

(horizontal situation indicator)
Hsi screen, when connected with a GPS via Nmea output, provides current position, direction, distance when a GoTo or a Flight Plan is activated; When not connected with GPS, it is a gyrodirectional.

Master Altimeter

Master altimeter
With the new improved feature Oblò becomes a real drum altimeter that allows to set the reference pressure in the QNH boxes in hPa as well as in Hg.

US $1,915.00
US $945.00
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